Our History

The PEHT concept was developed in 2015 by Elizabeth Koldyke Boolbol and a passionate group of modern day abolitionists in New York and Connecticut who became aware of the atrocities of forced labor and sex trafficking, both abroad and in their own backyard, and sought a way to offer recovery, stability and economic freedom to those seeking a way out of a life of bondage. Recognizing a natural link between the unconditional love our pets offer us, and the radical love required to heal victims of human trafficking, coupled with the enormous economic opportunity within the pet industry market segment, PEHT was born. 

PEHT joins Thistle Farms to help vulnerable and marginalized women, but also to help transform the culture itself, standing in solidarity with women who are recovering from abuse, trafficking, addiction, and life on the streets and have paid dearly for a culture that continues to buy and sell women. We stand in solidarity and witness to the truth that in the end, love is more powerful than all the forces that drive women to the streets. 

Love is more powerful than all the forces driving women to the streets.